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Culture Briefing: Belgium

Your guide to Belgian culture, customs, society and traditions

Culture Briefing Belgium gives you current, in-depth information found in no
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etiquette as well as the traditions and beliefs of the Belgian people.

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No longer will you run the risk of embarrassment when in conversation with a
Belgian because you brought up a taboo subject, couldn’t comment on an
aspect of local life or knew nothing of the Belgian form of government.

Culture Briefing: Belgium helps you figure out the Belgians by penetrating
below their society’s surface to reveal the customs and established ways of
life in Belgium.

With Culture Briefing: Belgium you’ll discover the character, values, beliefs
and customs of the Belgians. You’ll learn of their artistic endeavors and
political ways. You’ll find out about their home, family and religious life as well
as how they make a living, educate their children and spend their leisure
time. Plus, you'll get insight into doing business with the Belgians.

You’ll also discover the problems the Belgian people face and see how they
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With Culture Briefing: Belgium you'll learn:

• what you typically need to do to develop a friendship with a Belgian

• proper etiquette for dining with Belgians

• what Belgians consider to be the main ingredients for a happy life

• guidelines to follow when visiting a Belgian's home

•what topics of conversation to avoid when talking with a Belgian

• why Belgians generally do not have national pride

• what quality beverage - and their are 400 types of it - is produced in

• what language NOT to use when speaking to a Flemish Belgian who
doesn't speak English

• what problem is tearing at the very seams of the country

• what unusual type of racing is popular with rural Belgians - they bet on
the races

• what remedy Belgium's king sees as being likely to reduce ethnic tensions

• what Belgian philosophy has given the country the world's lowest
percentage of poor people

• what Belgians put on their French fries in place of ketchup

• the main focus of Belgian pastimes

• what medium Belgium's master artists developed

• the one main factor affecting Belgian politics, religion and education

• and much, much more.

Who will benefit from Culture Briefing: Belgium

Culture Briefing: Belgium is an essential tool for:

• Travelers, whether on a tour or traveling independently, who are curious
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• Study-abroad students desiring in-depth information on the culture,
issues and lifestyle of the people in the land where they will live and study.

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Frequent updates assure current information

Research is ongoing and Culture Briefing: Belgium's approximately 7,900
words are frequently updated, assuring you it contains current information.

Special features improve usefulness

Culture Briefing: Belgium contains special features that increase its

• A complete table of contents linked to the text lets you find information

• A “Do's and Don’ts” list helps keep you on the right foot.

• A “Fast Facts” box provides quick reference to the names of Belgium's
current heads of state and government as well as quality-of-life statistics.

Experts prepare the Culture Briefings

Culture Briefing: Belgium offers solid, authoritative information. It is produced
by a team that brings together backgrounds in cultural geography and
cultural anthropology as well as extensive experience living for extended
periods in a variety of foreign cultures and writing about travel, geography
and culture for both the popular press and college-level textbooks.

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